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Connecting Over 8m Visitors a Year at the Sydney Opera House

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The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous arts institutions in the world, receiving over 8.2 million visitors each year. Visitors come to see chart-topping bands, intimate theatre performances, classical music, dance and also to dine out while surrounded by stunning architectural and natural beauty. Safe to say, a visit to the Sydney Opera House is an experience that visitors want to share and remember. The team approached Local Measure and Cisco to help them create a seamless Wi-Fi experience for visitors, while capturing valuable insights.


To meet the needs of the Sydney Opera House, the visitor Wi-Fi needed to be able to handle the large number of visitors that are regularly on-site as well as the visitor surges when a special event is taking place.

Fitting out the Opera House was no easy feat due to its unique structure. The UNESCO World Heritage building features a number of different chambers and underground levels.

The team also wanted a way to recognize a greater percentage of visitors – many have not transacted or communicated directly with the Opera House when they arrive.


300+ Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi access points were required for installation throughout the property.

Local Measure’s captive portal for visitor Wi-Fi allowed the Opera House to capture rich data while providing a low friction, one-click sign on experience for the visitor.

Through the Local Measure platform, Sydney Opera House now have access to real-time customer insights, with individual customer profiles that allow the team to see a history of interactions and customer content.

“On a day-to-day basis Local Measure gives us a huge amount of insight into who’s visiting the Opera House site, what they’re doing and what they’re talking about. We use the Local Measure platform everyday.” – Tim Snape, Head of Digital Marketing, Sydney Opera House


Overall, the joint Local Measure Cisco solution allowed operational and marketing teams to:

  • View visitor demographics captured for their CRM
  • Receive push notifications for key alerts on visitor activity
  • Obtain user-generated content for precinct digital signage

These new capabilities allowed the Opera House to build data over time to increase return visits from locals, while gaining additional visibility on feedback and visitor experience.

At a TEDx conference shortly after the implementation, 80% of the venue attendees at the event connected to Wi-Fi simultaneously, without a hitch. The marketing team are also happy to have a platform that allows them to view more than 30,000+ pictures, videos and online comments about the Sydney Opera House that are shared digitally each month.

“The team at Local Measure were absolutely fantastic to work with...they worked with my teams to make sure the implementation was smooth, safe, secure and easy to manage and just worked when we hit go.”  – Garry Wordsworth, Head of Infrastructure & Information, Sydney Opera House

This case study leverages technology from AWS including S3, EC2, Cloudfront and Lambda.
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