Park Hotel Group

Discovering and responding to hidden guest feedback.

previously unseen data gathered
guest posts responded to

Using Local Measure, Park Hotel Group uncovered previously invisible feedback, enabling them to significantly increase the total number of guests they respond to.

About Park Hotel Group

Park Hotel Group is one of Asia’s fastest growing hospitality groups. Founded in 1961, the company currently has twelve properties across five countries, and are continuing to expand rapidly across the Asia Pacific region.

Park Hotel Group’s core mission is to create unique and memorable travel experiences for their guests. Their ‘Loving Hospitality’ philosophy revolves around turning each visit into a discovery of love while delivering the best possible service to their visitors.


Many customers posted about the hotel’s services and restaurants, creating a large volume of social chatter for the group’s hotels. However, most of these conversations did not mention Park Hotel Group or hotel names, making it nearly impossible to receive and respond to meaningful feedback. Staff members often spent hours attempting to surface these conversations in an inefficient and time consuming manner.

The group also struggled to route this information to the right staff member in a timely manner, to help the team handle customer concerns and provide meaningful service.


Park Hotel Group enlisted Local Measure to assist them in addressing client needs as soon as they arose. By consolidating all social media engagements tagged to each of their properties, Local Measure gave both corporate and front line staff greater visibility of the guest experience in real-time. In catching posts by location, Local Measure was also able to surface guest conversations missed by other services.

Hotel staff were granted access to interactive engagement tools, giving them the ability to view and reply to guests via social media in real-time. This meant staff were equipped with the resources to provide efficient and personalised service to guests at the hotels.

The hotel was able to track guest experience at different stages of the stay, from check-in to check-out, and communicate with visitors concerning the quality of room amenities, food and other facilities using in-built reply functions on Local Measure.


Increased the team’s effectiveness in discovering feedback and engaging with guests.

85% of the content delivered through Local Measure made no mention of the hotel, meaning these conversations were missed by other platforms.

Park Hotel Group was able to engage with guest posts about their services and facilities, where most of these posts did not mention the hotel directly. Only 8% of posts that provided direct feedback on the hotel’s service mentioned the brand name.

Staff were able to source social chatter about services unique to their properties, including the complimentary smartphone service that includes free international calls. This has proven to be popular with many customers, who have posted photos and positive reviews about it on social media.

Local Measure’s location based tools have delivered relevant social conversations to hotel staff, where they had been missing out on valuable feedback that previously slipped through the cracks.


Improved business efficiency by saving teams 2 hours per day

By incorporating Local Measure, Park Hotel Group was able to drastically reduce the amount of time previously spent on finding relevant on site guest content. Additionally, the service automatically sent important guest posts to relevant front line staff, which alleviated the need for back office personnel to be involved in the process.

“Local Measure provides us with a distinct advantage by giving real time updates of social activity by guests while they are at the hotel. Other tools don’t offer us that. It is also very simple to use and has created a lot of efficiency amongst our teams. Using Local Measure has helped us save an average of 2 hours per day across the business.”Gwen Tan, Assistant Director, Social Strategy

Previously, staff would have wasted hours seeking feedback. Local Measure however supplied them the tools and the time to respond to guests individually, with personalised messages based on their experience. Restaurant staff in particular have been able to thank guests for their visit, resulting in satisfied patrons responding and promising to return with friends and family. Front desk staff who welcome and thank guests via social media often create dialogue which leads to more positive feedback and visibility for the hotel. In most cases, these resulted in public recommendations evident by the guest’s social media followers.

These searching and response capabilities have saved staff valuable amounts of time which they can channel into providing better service.