Industry Spotlight

Food and Bars

  • Picky Eaters

    Receive updates on how consumers rate and review your food.

  • Know your regulars

    Identify and engage with loyal and influential customers.

  • Word of Mouth is king

    Amplify positive feedback and get your brand in front of millions of eyeballs.

  • Build the Hype

    Curate the best photos taken by real customers to build excitement around new or popular products.

  • Point of Sale

    Let patrons scroll through the highlights of your menu by putting them on screens around your restaurant.

Industry Clients

  • Morsul



Gelatissimo, has stores in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Italy and the Philippines, and is currently undertaking an expansion plan that will see it become a truly global brand. With over 45 stores, it can be hard for a franchisor to monitor, listen and engage with customers on social networking sites.


Spizza uses Local Measure to identify actionable insights such as spotting the influencers in the crowd, rectifying issues, and tracking customer sentiment in specific restaurant locations.