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Power up your team's capabilities with Local Measure's API

With Local Measure's API you can bring real-time customer insights into pretty much any existing system you're using. Integrate customer sentiment, visit history, and interactions from Local Measure into your other systems to save time and improve customer outcomes.


Acquire, engage, and upsell loyalty members

Over half of your visitors aren't yet part of your loyalty program. Identifying these individuals and serving them tailored, context-appropriate offers can drive acquisition, and help existing members get more from their membership. In fact, even a 5% increase in retention can lead to a boost in profits of 25%–95%.

Enrich your CRM with real-time customer data

Integrating Local Measure’s offline visitation and interaction data supercharges your CRM into a single omnichannel customer history, enabling better business decisions and more engaging customer communications.

Respond to on-premise customers faster

What if your frontline team had deeper insights into what every on- premise customer was thinking and feeling in real-time? By connecting with Local Measure’s API, you’ll see relevant, contextual data about your customers within your existing PMS or customer ticketing software.

Unify online and offline customer data for new business insights

How do you focus on the things that will move the needle in setting your CX apart from competitors? By integrating Local Measure’s offline visitation, interaction, and sentiment data into your existing systems to enable deeper insights and better business decisions.

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