Contactless customer service made simple

Offer contactless guest engagement and manage incoming WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter direct conversations via a single inbox using our one-to-one guest messaging solution for frontline and operations teams.


Improve digital customer experience

Digitize customer service
Offer customers more convenient ways to engage with your business 24/7 using leading messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter as support channels.

Offer a contactless guest experience
Make it safe and easy for guests and visitors at your venue to contact your frontline and operations team using their favourite messaging apps.

Simplify customer service

Easily action messages from multiple channels
Respond to direct messages from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, add notes, and mark conversations as actioned, all via a single messaging inbox.

Respond to direct messages on the go
Reply to customer queries via the Local Measure iOS or Android app to improve customer service response times and customer satisfaction scores.

Increase your frontline team productivity

Empower staff to respond faster to customers
Alert staff to new direct messages in real-time via push notifications to improve response times and issue resolution.

Track service levels and performance metrics
Improve your frontline team efficiency by tracking conversation volumes, median first response times and time to action conversations.

How it works

Get notified of conversations

Get real-time push notifications for new direct messages

Respond to conversations

Manage conversations from multiple channels via single inbox

Track service performance

Monitor response times and time to action responses

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