Guest WiFi & Analytics

Connect and understand customers better

Offer a seamless guest WiFi experience and get a deeper understanding of real-time customer behavior at your venue to drive personalized experiences with Guest WiFi and Analytics.


Drive ROI with your WiFi

Offer visitors a seamless WiFi experience
Create a customized WiFi sign-up page within minutes. Allow visitors to easily log into your WiFi using their email or social media credentials.

Target customers in the moment with special offers
Display banner ads and personalized offers on your WiFi splash page to increase your venue’s average transaction value.

Gain insights into on-premise customer behavior

View rich customer profiles
Capture individual customer data including demographics, dwell time, visitation history and other WiFi location analytics.

Monitor how your venue is performing
Easily track new versus returning visitors, visitor demographics and more based on users connected to your WiFi network.

Personalize marketing and customer experiences

Grow your loyalty program through WiFi marketing
Use the WiFi sign-up flow to collect customer contact details, gain marketing consent and drive loyalty program uptake, all in compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

Trigger personalized marketing campaigns
Leverage Local Measure WiFi data to send targeted offers as WiFi users enter or leave your venue to reward loyalty and drive sales.

Enrich your customer data via our API

Send customer data collected using WiFi to your own CRM or marketing platforms in real-time via Local Measure’s API.

Collect real-time customer feedback

Let customers easily share feedback about their experience once connected to your WiFi with Local Measure Pulse.

Integrate with leading WiFi platforms

Optimize Local Measure Guest WiFi with Cisco Wireless Solutions for simpler WiFi setup and richer set of location analytics.

“If I don't know who that customer is, what they're looking for and what their likes are, I'm never going to be able to deliver on the promise of what Virgin Hotels is bringing.”
Doug Carillo

How it works

Build your WiFi sign-on page

Create a customized page in minutes with our splash screen builder.

Access customer data

Visitors log in to your venue WiFi with email or social and can opt to share their details for your marketing programs.

Integrate your other platforms

Create a single view of the customer by integrating Local Measure with your existing customer records.

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