The Customer-Centric Guide to Feedback

The surest way to please customers is by asking them directly for feedback, and acting upon it in real-time. Studies have shown that making the feedback cycle as low-effort as possible is one of the best ways to increase customer loyalty.

In this guide, we'll look at 5 key principles to real-time feedback and offer strategies for implementation.

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Inside the guide

  • What it means to put the customer experience first
  • How to collect feedback in real-time
  • Know when to ask for customer feedback
  • Plan how to respond to and manage feedback
  • How to make feedback visible across the enterprise

Learn the 5 key principles to real-time feedback and strategies for implementation.

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Put the Customer Experience First

Today’s most powerful brands put the customer first. They reimagine the optimal customer and customer experience firstly, and only then pinpoint the processes that are needed, making sure that mobile and cloud technologies intersect smoothly.

Collect Feedback in Real-Time

Transforming the customer experience requires a level of speed and precision that can’t be met by traditional surveys. The most successful companies make transformation happen in real-time.

Have a Plan for Feedback

There isn’t time to conduct lengthy studies on what the customer wants and deploy a big, expensive solution months later. Constant iteration and innovation in smaller, faster feedback loops is the only way to keep up in a customer experience-centered world.

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