It’s a common misunderstanding that automation exists to replace humans, but this is far from the truth. When technology is used to complement human behavior, customer service and the overall customer experience can truly be enhanced. By automating low value or time consuming tasks, contact center agents are freed up to better engage and service customers. 

Meeting customer expectations these days in terms of service and response is demanding. When faced with a customer support issue, 90% of customers say that an immediate response is crucial. For contact centers to deliver on this, they either require more agents, or better technology and automation so that agents can be more productive and simultaneously manage more enquiries. 

The benefit of optimizing contact center solutions through automation is not just in achieving a higher ROI on your investment, it’s also about improving the customer experience. Below are three ways the customer can benefit:

1. Faster responses

Picking up a phone to reach a contact center is usually a customer's last resort given the predictably long hold periods and transferring between departments. It’s a key reason why omnichannel customer service is so important and why digital messaging has become such a popular alternative to voice. Chatbots are a great tool for promptly answering all customer enquiries, regardless of traffic, and helping the customer find the information they’re looking for. Customers aren’t waiting idly in a queue for an agent to answer. High value queries are identified and promptly directed to a contact center agent otherwise customers are kept engaged with a series of automated questions to help guide them through a self service resolution process. From a CX perspective, chatbot automation improves the customer service response time and aids customer engagement. From a contact center perspective, this automation helps make improvements to key metrics such as Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and Average Abandonment Rate. 

2. Personalized engagement

One of the big reasons why contact center teams struggle to deliver a consistent customer experience is due to fragmented back-end processes. Customers have grown to expect a dull and frustrating experience. Automating workflows with an integrated tech stack is critical for a seamless omnichannel customer experience. With an integrated CRM system, contact center agents have a deep link to customer records, allowing them to personalize conversations and nurture relationships. The surprise and delight experienced with personal customer attention goes a long way. CX-wise, customers feel special and take pleasure in someone using their name and acknowledging their prior history. And for contact center agents, personalization always has a direct impact on overall Customer Satisfaction scores.

3. Faster resolutions

Most organizations continue to deal with the challenge of data siloization, which means that contact center agents often need to reach out to another department in order to access the required information. In those cases, the response the customer receives depends a lot on the agent’s own knowledge and their access to the department owning the information. Knowledge base integration for contact centers helps to ensure the flow of up-to-date, accurate information for agents in real-time. The customer experience no longer differs from agent to agent based on knowledge, and there’s certainly no more need to be bounced from one department to another. With unified access to key information, customer issues are resolved faster, with less chance of the customer having to make a repeat enquiry at another time. From a contact center perspective, this sees improvement in Average Handle Time (AHT) and First Contact Resolution (FCR) results.

Contact center agents are responsible for the customer service experience that ultimately should drive loyalty and repeat business. But it’s the contact center technology that allows them to do their work efficiently and effectively. By improving agent productivity with automation, businesses can speed up time-consuming tasks, resolve customer service issues faster, and spend more time delivering personalized customer experiences. 

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