With 85% of travellers using their smartphones while travelling, you can be sure they will post something about their holidays on social media. The top five uses of smartphones during holidays include taking photos, using maps, searching for restaurants, looking for activities and attractions and checking-in prior to flying. Here are 3 ways you can use this to benefit your hotel:

1. Strengthen the relationship with your guests

As your customers post about their experiences at your hotel, you have a great opportunity to surprise and delight them with a response or a simple ‘like’. It’s not uncommon to uncover stories of guests travelling on their wedding anniversary or honeymoon. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to offer them a voucher to offer them a memorable experience. Everyone loves to feel special once in a while. For example, 8Hotels use the Local Measure platform to make their guests feel special on a gloomy day or by thanking them for being loyal customers.

2. Get feedback that’s critical to your business

Social media is a great way to get feedback about your room quality, food, service and events on offer. Feedback at times can be positive but also negative so it’s important to approach any feedback constructive and use it as an opportunity to change a process that positively impacts your business. Don’t be afraid to acknowledge and respond to negative feedback and remember that what people post on social media and websites like TripAdvisor will stay on the internet (so it’s great if you are part of the conversation).

Not responding or acknowledging a bad customer experience is often interpreted as your hotel not caring about their customers. In fact, 52% of travelers who used social media to research travel plans changed their original plans and among them 33% change their hotel preference because of online feedback.

3. Identify influencers and even celebrities!

The beauty of social media is that if you’re monitoring the conversations happening at your locations, you can sometimes spot a celebrity or popular blogger who’s currently at your hotel! These people we refer to as influencers who ordinarily have a big online following and influence others in purchase decisions. Local Measure can help you easily identify these influencers and even notify you proactively when they visit your hotel. Here again, 8hotels were able to engage with Emma Lucey, a fashion and travel blogger, who counted 15 000 followers on Instagram.

If you run a hotel, a resort, an airline company or any business related to the travel industry, you have a great opportunity to increase loyalty and satisfaction by engaging with the customers.

Written by Tracy Benillouz