Customer Experience (CX) is an area that businesses must invest in to survive. However, one of the main challenges is that real improvements require involvement from all levels of the organization and the different business units. Data silos, complicated information exchanges and competing initiatives between teams can thwart the best intended efforts. However, digital transformation and cross functional collaboration is helping generate growth by changing how businesses operate so that they can better serve their customers and deliver an exceptional omnichannel customer experience.

Why cross-functional teams are essential to success

Cross-functional teams dedicated to customer experience help focus the business and ensure that each team’s strengths are being leveraged to achieve a common goal. Many businesses find it difficult to work in cross-functional teams because of the different mindsets that exist regarding each of their respective roles and a lack of communication. Assembling a cross-functional team can help surface these issues and is an opportunity to make improvements.

"Cross-functional collaboration is fundamental to building a fluid customer experience."

The fact that IT, Marketing and Customer Service are the business units taking up digital transformation the most reflects the external pressure that marketing and customer service teams face. Disjointed customer journeys are highly noticeable and companies that fail to ensure a seamless journey, end up paying for it. Cross-functional collaboration is fundamental to building a fluid customer experience, partly, by exposing non-customer facing teams to the experience of using the product or service.

Altimeter, in a 2019 report on the state of digital transformation, identified six stages to help businesses understand where they currently are in the process of digital transformation and where they need to be. These stages can also apply to the stages of cross-functional platform adoption:

Customer experience platforms, such as Local Measure, put the customer at the centre, while providing a suite of tools designed to assist with the different business functions - from marketing to IT, customer service and frontline operations.

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