With the growth rate of wellness travel now double that of tourism in general, wise hoteliers will be evaluating how well their hotel caters to the health-conscious crowd. Since wellness is almost just as much about perception, it might also be worthwhile considering how Instagrammable your hotel is for wellness devotees. Hotels that create spaces for visually stunning backdrops, or offer products that fit into the wellness theme will be rewarded with quality User Generated Content. Below we’ve listed some of the top trending tags in wellness.

#Acroyoga (+1.5 million posts)

The combination of acrobatics and yoga has taken off as a fitness trend resulting in a proliferation of handstand and aerial yoga photos on Instagram. It’s the ultimate fitness selfie.


#Greenjuice (+1 million posts)

Cold-pressed green juices, especially when stylishly packaged continues to be another Instagram favourite. Whether people are on a detox diet, vegan or low-carb diet, green juices are guaranteed crowd pleasers.


#Latte (with turmeric or adaptogenics) (7 million posts)

The latte always seems to be getting dressed up in different ways, whether it’s unicorn-inspired, or mimicking the taste of red velvet cake. The latest latte designed for the wellness audience are lattes with health boosting nutrients such as turmeric or adaptogens like reishi.


#Athleisure (+400,000 posts)

When fashion meets fitness, the result is athleisure wear. Fitness clothing made fashionable enough to wear even when you’re not exercising is a huge and growing niche segment. Rocco Forte Hotels have taken note of the trend and collaborated with Back Label to offer their guests innovative fitness wear.


#Organic products (+24 million posts)

We previously examined the 7 pillars of wellness (diet, exercise, sleep, air, light, temperature, mental health) which are necessary for our health, but when catering to the wellness segment, hotels should also assess whether the bath products they offer fit into the wellness vision.


#Greenliving (+500,000 posts)

Those playing close attention to interior design trends will have noticed that tropical plants are one of the key design features for whom the concept of wellness is almost just as much about an aesthetic. It’s hippie-meets-bohemiam-meets-California-chic and the look is taking off everywhere.


#Affirmations (+650,000 posts)

Some well-placed written affirmations are sure to get a presence on Instagram. The wellness audience use and share the motivational power of affirmations for self-empowerment and inspiration. A wall that allows guests and staff to write their own messages with a dry-erase marker is another clever idea that EVEN hotels have incorporated.

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#Rawfood (+2.7 million posts)

It seems as though plant-based diets are here to stay (fresh fruit and vegetables are rarely the enemy). Not wanting to be limited to salads, inspired Instagrammers are creating all types of raw food creations that you wouldn’t think possible like layer cakes and pizza.


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