Imagine cheering for your favourite team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup, being able to keep up with real-time images and updates, even watching them score that winning goal from a hundred different angles.

The World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and we’ve teamed up with Fusion in order to help deliver widespread, live coverage of all the action taking place in and around the stadiums of Brazil. By providing status updates, photos and videos from various social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and FourSquare, we are helping Fusion target the stories, highlights and most memorable moments of the World Cup. In doing so, we are creating a unique way to participate in the excitement of the World Cup that revolves around letting fans all over the world share in the experiences of those who are watching the games live from the stands.

Here’s a glimpse at how Fusion is using data provided by Local Measure to create a dynamic, live collage of the updates coming through about the World Cup via the hashtag #brazillive. This allows fans to share their experiences, and interact with each other via social media platforms, giving not only a colourful view of the action and adrenaline on the field, but also those memorable moments happening around it as well.

‍Photo from fans at the stadium from the USA vs Ghana Game

You can keep track of which celebrities are gunning for whom, what people are saying about the event, how people are responding to the site, and most importantly, when those goals are being kicked. Already, we’ve managed to spot Leonardo Di Caprio, Jennifer Lopez and President Dilma Roussef at the Opening Ceremony.

‍Dilma Roussef celebrating the 2nd goal of Brazil at the opening match at the Stadium

US reporters also have exclusive access to an alert service, which will instantly push notifications whenever relevant and interesting content is published. This means they will be amongst the first to spot top stories from players and fans that surface at the event.

But there’s more to an event than just what’s happening on the ground. A lot of work goes into maintaining facilities and managing the event activities to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Behind the scenes, Local Measure allows Fusion to keep track of conversations about the coverage, from the site itself to feedback on the venue and events taking place around the stadiums. We have given Fusion the option of using Funnels, an automated filter system that allows you to create a set of criteria to target specific information, which is then forwarded to the relevant departments. You can finetune your criteria to match results based on keywords, follower numbers and location.

For an event like the World Cup, this is can prove very useful. For example, targeting influential fans is as simple as funneling a follower count of +3000. Anyone who posts, that has more than 3000 followers will then come up in a search of Influential Fans.

Funnels can also help with monitoring incidents. By combining location and keyword criteria, you can be notified as to when something happens on the ground. For example, if a post contains the word ‘riot’ and is geotagged at a particular stadium, an alert will be sent to head office. Creating funnels can help sort through social media posts to find the relevant information.

We are so excited to be partnering with Fusion to help make the 2014 World Cup experience an exciting, interactive and compelling one.