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In this episode of AWS Community Chats, Aley is joined by Jonathan Barouch, CEO of Local Measure. Jonathan shares how Local Measure has managed to scale the business globally, how they helped Are Media launch an Amazon Connect service in a matter of weeks, and why Local Measure chooses to sell through Marketplace.

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What does Local Measure do?

Local Measure is a global customer communications management platform headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Purpose built for Amazon Connect, our contact center solution Engage for Amazon Connect helps businesses engage with customers at scale. It’s a single pane of glass that natively routes all channels through Amazon Connect. As an omnichannel solution, customer service channels include everything from voice to web chat, email and social media including Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat and Apple Business Chat. Unlike a systems integrator that may pull together 4-5 different solutions, Engage for Amazon Connect is an off-the-shelf solution. It’s a buy not build approach to contact center technology, and because it’s out of the box, customers can start straight away and experience incredibly fast time to value. 

How did you manage to scale Local Measure globally?

As a startup, Local Measure is quite unique with teams on the ground in Australia, Singapore, Spain, Netherlands, South Africa and the US. Because we cover so many time zones, we can offer our customers 24/7 local support. We have great people and great partners in each region helping to grow our business. Local Measure also has a great culture which is really important for bringing 45 people together across the globe. We’re a cohesive team with a shared mission. And like any good startup, we hustle. No matter the day, or the time, we’re ready to go.

How did Local Measure help Are Media launch their cloud contact center in a matter of weeks?

Are Media, previously known as Bauer, manages dozens of magazine subscriptions. When Covid hit, their customer service agents spread across three different countries could no longer work from the office. Are Media needed a cloud contact center solution so agents could work from home and so the business could deliver a consistent customer service that could scale up and back down as demand required. 

Engage for Amazon Connect provided Are Media with a single pane of glass to manage all incoming customer conversations. In comparison to traditional, expensive, on-premise systems, Engage offered call center infrastructure with email integration, inbuilt intelligence, agent automations and consumption only pricing. With incredibly fast time to value Are Media reported the following business results:

  • 75% reduction in agent training time with one single, easy to use platform
  • 40% reduction in implementation costs compared to other contact center solutions
  • Increased scalability enabled further business growth with 14 new publications acquired post-implementation meaning additional phone calls, chats and messages were handled seamlessly

Why did Local Measure choose to sell Engage for Amazon Connect on AWS Marketplace?

At its core Local Measure is a product company with engineers and designers committed to building beautiful user experiences. By creating a great agent experience, we’re giving contact center agents the right tools to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

But scaling globally as a small startup is tough to do on your own. It’s expensive, complex and slow. AWS Marketplace is a great solution for overcoming the challenge of global scale. You can sell SaaS products anywhere in the world and it gives you a platform to communicate with all Amazon customers. Procurement takes just one single click and with standard terms there’s no need to negotiate with legal teams time and time again. Local Measure is now an AWS Advanced Technology and ISV Accelerate partner, and that gives us further benefits to leverage on AWS Marketplace too. 

As an example of how AWS Marketplace makes global scaling easier, we recently signed a bank in the ASEAN region. As many business owners can appreciate, doing business with a bank normally takes months of negotiations and contracts. But because this bank trusts AWS and has already accepted the AWS T&Cs, procurement was significantly faster. In this case, from initial conversation to signed deal, contracting with this particular bank was all done within 48 hours. 

How does Local Measure’s bias for action help the business thrive?

Local Measure has a unique and engaging company culture. About three years ago we set out to codify our culture, and after many workshops and with lots of staff input, we distilled our beliefs and principles into eight core values - zero ego, think like a customer, do the right thing, own it, punch above, have grit, build each other up and laugh out loud. 

Our core values seem to have very strong alignment to AWS values. In particular Punch Above is our representation of Bias for Action. Our size doesn’t hold us back. We get stuff done. We don’t procrastinate. We’re obsessed with helping our customers. And we aim to outperform with every opportunity we have.  Because we lean in, offer our help and deliver action so quickly, we’re trusted. AWS sales teams and customers see how quickly we move and how quickly we solve complex issues, and they value that bias for action. This week alone, we’re helping with a bank opportunity in Canada, we’re helping AWS in South America, Germany, the Nordics, an opportunity in the UK, and a bank and telco in Singapore. With a commitment to action and a like minded approach to business, Local Measure has developed a strong partnership with AWS which gives us great opportunities for continued growth and scale. 

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