Have you ever received a coffee or latte so beautifully made that you felt slightly guilty drinking it?

There are many baristas who not only make sure your coffee is suited to your tast, but also suited to your eye. Whether it be as simple as a heart, or as intricate as a portrait, many baristas have turned their profession into artistic expression, to not only satisfy customers with deliciously brewed coffee, but also with unique designs. With the large number of photos of coffee art popping up on the web, it’s good to see that their craft does not go unappreciated.

Next time you’re at a cafe and within your cup you notice a beautiful work of art, take a moment to enjoy it before taking your first sip. If you have instagram, do a favor for barista artists around the world, and snap a photo and share it with your friends. Take a look at some of these amazing coffee art pictures that have been shared on instagram.

‍Uploaded by roomcafeespresso at Room Cafe
‍Uploaded by ellenhch at Balconi Coffee Company
‍Uploaded by rike503 at Bilbo Coffee Co
‍Uploaded by caramyeeelle at Coffee and Tea Company, China Town Point