The annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) kicked off in Las Vegas last week and what a show it was!

This year there were over 3,200 exhibitors, 152,000 attendees across 150 countries so there’s no denying it’s one of the biggest tech shows in the world. There was some incredible new technology on display with big updates from major players in the market, as well as new. Here are our top 10 favourites from the CES 2014:

1. AnkiDrive
This first IRL video game allows you to play race games against your friends using your iPhone. But what makes it unique is that you can also play against one of the artificial intelligent cars which knows precisely where it is, drives and makes decisions by itself.

2. Playbulb’s Bluetooth Smart LED
This lightbulb is actually also a bluetooth speaker. You can control the light as well as the music via your Smartphone. Nothing better than to wake up and turn the light and music on without moving from your bed right?

3. Fuel a wireless hard drive for your iPad
Access all your movies and music from your iPad easily with this wireless hard drive. With a capacity of 1 TB it can also be accessed from other devices to, and be used with your Apple TV.

4. Okidokeys Smart Lock

Lock and open your door easily with your Smartphone. Perfect if you tend to forget your keys or if you want to airbnb your apartment during your holidays.

5. Parrot’s MiniDrone and Jumping Sumo
The Jumping Sumo and the MiniDrone can both be controlled with your smartphone or tablet. Designed for beginners, the MiniDrone is easy to manipulate thanks to its multiple sensors. The Jumping Sumo can leap into the air (up to 80cm) thanks to an air powered piston, and has also a camera which allows you to see everything directly from your tablet.

6. Socialmatic by Polaroid
This camera allows you to print instantly your pictures as well as sharing them through your favourite social media. It is Android based and has a 14 mega-pixels camera. The QR code on the printed pictures allow you to get information about the location where they was taken, or to print them again.

7. Intel Smart Bowl
This Smart Bowl allows you to charge all your gadgets in one place, and without all the messy wires. All this is possible thanks to magnetic resonance technology that allows charging multiple devices at a time.

8. Izzi Slim iPhone case

Izzi Slim let you take better pictures with your iPhone. What can be better for all these selfies and Instagram pictures? The case has four lenses: a fish-eye lens, a telephoto lens, and a  a wide-angle lens that you can change with a macro lens.

9. E-go Cruiser
Who never dreamt about an electric, remote controlled skateboard when he was a child? Well, Yuneec Technology did it! Eco-friendly, E-go Cruiser is the world’s lightest electric longboard and should be available from March 2014.

10. Samsung Bendable TV

The 85 inch ultra HD bendable TV allows you to choose weather you want a flat or a curved TV. This TV is actually just a prototype and is not planned to arrive in your home soon, but it explores new technologies and possibilities for future evolutions of our smart homes.

Written by Tracy Benillouz