For operations teams working in hotels, restaurants, or theme parks, finding out critical information about a customer after they leave is a missed opportunity and a frustrating experience. Yet, creating exceptional customer experiences relies on discovering contextually relevant information about the customer as well as the ability to collaborate and immediately act upon the insights.

Local Measure’s integrated solution with Cisco Webex Teams is perfect for teams who need to take action quickly while communicating with other departments or team members. With Cisco Webex Teams you can message other people, set up meetings or connect to your calendar with a single click. When you need to remember some important information, you can simply search your message history and all the details will be there. You can also store your files in each Cisco Webex Teams Space so they're available to others.

Now imagine pulling together that organizational capability with live customer insights. When businesses use Cisco Meraki for their customer Wi-Fi, they benefit from deep customer insights including location analytics and demographic information – all captured in Local Measure and integrated into Cisco Webex Teams. Know whether a customer has visited you before, where they’re from, their dwell time in different areas, and then match that information with their transaction history to gain a rounded view of the customer.

Important customer activity can trigger alerts through Local Measure which are then passed into a Cisco Webex Teams Space. At a hotel, this could be the arrival of a repeat customer who posted on social media @mentioning the hotel.

Surprising and Delighting Hotel Guests

When @silviakspia a Twitter influencer with 53.1k followers announced her impending arrival at a hotel in Mexico, the team found a unique way to surprise their special guest. Silvia’s profile showed that she was attending a work conference, and that her husband and son were accompanying her on the trip. Location analytics, provided through Cisco Wireless, allow the team to know when a specific customer is on premise. In this case, the hotel team acted quickly by preparing her family a special cake, making sure that it would be a trip they wouldn’t forget.

See the video at the bottom of this page to hear Silvia tell the story.

Digitizing the theme park experience

Dreamland Margate is a vintage theme park in the UK that came to Local Measure because they wanted to digitize the guest experience. A combined solution using Cisco Meraki was implemented to modernize the park's Wi-Fi connectivity and the way staff interact with visitors on social media. Twenty-four Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi access points were installed and paired it with Local Measure’s social sign-on and customer intelligence to gain insights about guest behaviour at the park. Using Cisco Webex Teams, Dreamland were able to receive Local Measure notifications about guests posting at the park, inside the dedicated team space, allowing them to respond in real-time.

Setting up the Cisco Webex Teams integration is simple

Local Measure customers can connect to Cisco Webex Teams by logging into their account and clicking on the Settings menu then navigating to Plugins and Integrations. Local Measure alerts can be seamlessly pushed into a Cisco Webex Teams Space allowing front-line teams to click through to respond to customers, escalate and manage the situation in real-time and on the go, from anywhere on any device.

Leveraging the combined capabilities of Local Measure and Cisco

The customized business outcomes provided to hotels and theme parks was made possible through Cisco’s DevNet program which provides a code exchange, allowing developers to access Cisco APIs and the ability to share projects, as well as ecosystem support to encourage the development of unique solutions through partners. See the video below to learn about Local Measure’s partnership with Cisco.


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