October 4, 2018

As an official Facebook Marketing Partner with global operations, Local Measure takes our responsibility around customer privacy and security very seriously. Our clients tell us that this commitment to compliance with the social media terms of service and local privacy rules are some of the key reasons they value their relationship with us. It is our commitment as a business to do everything we can to maintain the privacy of end customers and protect our clients’ brands.

Facebook and Instagram have made a number of changes in recent months to tighten the approved use cases of their platforms in the interest of the security and privacy of their end users. As a partner of Facebook, we were pleased to see them driving this positive conversation. While we have had to make some compromises in terms of our platform functionality or user flows in response, user privacy must always trump any individual product feature. These are the sorts of exchanges required to operate ethically within a changing privacy environment, and our clients can always count on us to provide them with the maximum functionality permissible under the terms of service of the social platforms.

A handful of our clients have asked us why we don’t build functionality to try and mitigate some of the changes made by the social media platforms. The quick answer is that we are not prepared to break the Terms of Service of the social platforms. Even more importantly, we are not prepared to introduce functionality or access data that could in any way have adverse consequences on user privacy and GDPR compliance. We applaud Facebook’s effort in cracking down on a minority of developers who choose to not play by the rules, scrape data or create bots to automate engagement.

Trust is a key element of our relationships with our clients and our partners. Our commitment is to maintain this trust at all costs, even if that means giving up a short term gain. We have an obligation to protect your brand so that when you use Local Measure as your customer intelligence partner, you do so knowing that you are engaging with customers on social media in a privacy compliant way.

– Jonathan

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