In our latest release we now offer improved filters and include new data feeds for Instagram Videos and Facebook Reviews.

Previously, looking at your dashboard provided a general overview of the posts made at your locations and to your various social platforms, with the option to filter these posts based on location and time frame. Now, you have the added bonus of being able to filter the posts you see based on the type of social post: by photo, Instagram video and Facebook review. You can now decide whether or not you would like to see all posts, an individual type of post, or mix and match depending on what suits your needs.

Simply visit the Explore tab and adjust the filter settings to select the type of post, where it was posted and the date range you want to view.

With Facebook reviews now available, you can filter to see all the reviews posted at your locations in one convenient dashboard. This will display both the star rating and any comments left on your page giving you insight into how customers are rating your service. From here you can like the review, respond to it, or simply use it as an opportunity to take customer feedback in stride.

In order to see these Facebook reviews, you must be the place page or profile administrator of the Facebook account that is linked to your Social Accounts in Settings.

You can now also choose to filter by Instagram video and play them within your dashboard window. Simply click on the post you want to see and a window will expand to play the video.

We’re also adding some advanced settings for power users giving the option to filter your reply notifications. By clicking on the notification icon (top right of the dashboard) 

 you choose whether or not you are notified to replies from the original poster, or from anyone who comments on a post you’ve engaged. Tick the box of the notifications setting relevant to you, press save, and you’re all set to go.

We’d love to hear your feedback on these new filters. If you have any questions, queries or comments (or just want to chat!) email us at