For the past 6 months, we’ve been working on a new feature called Funnels. Over the months, we’ve been testing it with a small group of Beta customers and businesses, but today we’re excited to share it with all of our customers.

Local Measure is all about helping businesses and team cut through all the social noise to see those important conversations taking place at their locations. Over the year, we’ve received a significant amount of feedback from our customers (yes, you guys) about funnels. We’ve listened.

Funnels is fully automated. You simply set the rules around the social conversations that matter such as when an influential person is at your location, or when sometime mentions a negative comment online. Now, when any of these rules match, we’ll notify you (or a member of your team) via an email alert as quickly as we can so you can reply and action as appropriately.

Cool hey?

Here’s how it works

Set Up Funnels Once and We'll Do the Rest

Set up funnels once, and we’ll do the hard work and ensure important social activity is automatically delivered to your inbox, at the time you want it.

Use one of our existing templates to set up alerts in less than 20 seconds – or start from a blank template and set various custom conditions.

Funnel Builder

The funnel builder is easy to use. You can create funnels that monitor the following social media customer activity:

  • When a customer posts who has more than 3,000 followers
  • When a customer posts who has mentioned the words coffee, yuk, awful
  • When a customer has visited 3 times in the past week
  • When a customer with 10,000 followers has mentioned any of the words celebration, birthday, anniversary

All values in bold are fields that you can change to suit your business needs. Pretty neat hey?

Headquarters to Frontline and Operational Staff

With our alerts, you can now get the wider team involved and deliver information to the right people in your organisation at the right time to address operational or cross-organisational issues immediately.

We Love Hearing From Our Customers

If you have any feedback on the usability or ideas for features or improvements, reply directly back from this email or alternatively contact your Account representative at Local Measure.

We think you’re going to love it. Give it a shot if and let us know what you think.