Despite having previously been branded as the ghost town of Social Media, Google+ has recently grown into the second largest Social Media network. According to a report from Global Web Index earlier this year, active Google+ users totalled 343 million in Q4 2012. The report also noted that YouTube (which hasn’t previously been tracked by GWI as a social platform) came in at the third largest network. This is a great indicator for the importance of integrating different online products – which will evidently become key in the future of the internet. So to help you get on the G+ bandwagon, we’ve put together a few tips to help set up a basic page…

  1. Firstly, go here and click the Create a Google+ Page button. 
  2. Select the category most suited to your venture (Place/Brand etc).
  3. Choose a name for your page and provide your website URL.
  4. Provide a 10-word ‘story’ and a basic form of contact details.

That’s all it takes to set up a basic page! You can change manager roles, email notifications and sharing options easily in the page’s settings tab. Now the boring stuff is done, you should provide some basic information to fill in your page, including:

  • Profile photo (e.g. logo)
  • Cover photo
  • Website and Blog links
  • Social Profile links (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Tagline (short description)
  • Introduction (longer description)
  • Extra Contact Information

Try provide as much information on the page as possible, as your Brand’s page can connect with any individual and brand users on G+. Once you’ve done that, connect with like-minded users by adding them to your ‘circles’ (network). Then, on behalf of your page – you can 1+ (recommend) their posts – or even share to your own circles.

So now you have a page and some basic info, it’s time to get posting! Go ahead and share pictures, videos, events and links and start participating in the G+ Community… Goodluck!