How does a business with 8.2 million visitors each year capture insights from its valuable customers? That was the challenge the Sydney Opera House was working towards when it implemented a new Wi-Fi solution with Cisco and Local Measure.

The promise of a large upcoming event often serves as added impetus for upgrading a venue’s Wi-Fi infrastructure. Such was the case with the Opera House, where the team engaged Cisco to make sure they gave visitors a seamless Wi-Fi experience prior to important events like a TEDx conference. Creating a solution for the Opera House was no easy feat due to its unique, heritage structure – almost 300 Cisco Wi-Fi Access Points were deployed throughout the property, invisibly. Once it place, this infrastructure lay the foundations for improved customer analytics and marketing automation.

Local Measure and Cisco’s integrated solution provides real-time customer intelligence, based on visitors using free venue Wi-Fi. Local Measure offers a low friction, social Wi-Fi sign-on page that also acts as a customer acquisition tool.

“The team at Local Measure were absolutely fantastic to work with...they worked with my teams to make sure the implementation was smooth, safe, secure and easy to manage and just worked when we hit go.”  – Garry Wordsworth, Head of Infrastructure & Information

Overall, the joint solution allowed operational and marketing teams to:

  • View visitor demographics captured for CRM
  • Receive push notifications for key alerts
  • Obtain user-generated content for precinct digital signage

These new capabilities allowed the Opera House to build data over time to increase return visits from locals, while gaining additional visibility on feedback and visitor experience.

And what of that TEDx conference? 80% of the venue attendees at the event connected to Wi-Fi simultaneously, without a hitch. The marketing team are also happy to now have a platform that allows them to view more than 30,000+ pictures, videos and online comments about the Sydney Opera House that are shared digitally each month.