For Fairmont’s Guest Experience team, delivering the highest levels of service is a day-in, day-out requirement. The brand’s Royal Service Agents emphasize effective and engaging communication with guests so that they can pick up on guest needs and respond appropriately. With Local Measure’s real time feedback tool Pulse, the hotel not only learned a lot about their guests that they otherwise wouldn’t have known but achieved some incredible results, such as cutting down on negative reviews by 50%.

We interviewed Yumi Yu, Guest Experience Manager at Fairmont Beijing to learn exactly what prompted the team to implement Pulse and how the Royal Service Agents were able to attain their outstanding results.

“We had a desire to listen our guests’ voice during their stay and perform service recovery promptly in order to increase guest satisfaction” explained Yu. “With Pulse, we can receive guest feedback from Local Measure immediately once a guest fills in the short online form.”

Yumi Yu, Guest Experience Manager

The solution was able to be implemented within a day. The IT team simply had to add a redirect URL that would appear after a Wi-Fi connection was made. All feedback responses became immediately viewable in the Local Measure dashboard, where staff could mark each feedback item as “Actioned” or add internal notes for team members.

The Royal Service team manages incoming feedback by immediately recording it in their proprietary Royal Service software system and notifying the relevant department of any required action. When feedback from multiple guests arrives simultaneously, the hotel prioritizes the guests who have left negative feedback. For positive feedback, the team will leave a check out alert to remind the receptionist to invite the guest to complete a post-stay survey.

“With Pulse, we can receive guest feedback from Local Measure immediately once a guest fills in the short online form.”

A 50% decline in negative reviews

Local Measure Pulse has had a stunning impact on the online reviews Fairmont Beijing receives – a factor that strongly influences new bookings. Compared to the same period of the year prior to implementing Pulse, the rate of negative reviews declined by 50%.

3x per week the team turn a negative experience into a positive one

For the Royal Service team, witnessing the impact they are able to make on improving individual experiences is one of the most rewarding aspects of the new program. The team report that they are now able, on average, to turn three negative experiences each week into positive experiences. That means that each week, three guests (and whoever is traveling with them) who would have otherwise been unlikely to return are now prime candidates for loyalty.

Improvement in YTD RPS score

As an Accor brand representing the elite end of service, Fairmont have an incredibly tough benchmark to beat when it comes to increasing guest satisfaction scores. However, after just a few months of using Pulse, the team were able to notice a marked improvement from the same period of the previous year, increasing from 93.01 to 93.32.