Our vision at Local Measure is to create a world where every customer interaction is exceptional. And it’s widely known that behind every great customer experience, there is a great employee experience. So as businesses navigate the impact of COVID-19 with social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, we recognize more than ever how important employee engagement is.

So much so, we’ve taken our flagship customer feedback technology Pulse, and we’ve given it an employee spin. We have customers around the globe rolling out our employee feedback survey for their employees, and we’re using it too. Here’s a quick rundown...

What is it?

Employee Pulse is a single-question employee feedback survey allowing businesses of all sizes to take regular pulse checks on employee happiness and take fast action to improve employee engagement. The questions are customizable and employees have the option of replying anonymously.

Why use it?

There are no more ad hoc office conversations to understand how people are feeling. Businesses must be proactive about gauging employee sentiment, and taking action to improve employee satisfaction.

COVID-19 is impacting everyone and at Local Measure we’re certainly not immune. We have closed our offices globally and our entire team is working from home. Maintaining morale and looking after staff wellbeing is critical for us, so we’re taking a regular weekly pulse check of our people by asking a quick question - how are you feeling?

The results are reviewed by our CEO Jonathan Barouch and COO Sara La Mela. Together they use the results to benchmark employee satisfaction and identify key themes, then present them back to the staff in regular company all-hands meetings.

We take employee engagement really seriously. Up until now we’ve had the benefit of seeing and talking to everyone in person on a daily basis. Now, we need to combine our intuition with real data and feedback from our team.
[Sara La Mela, COO]

Not surprisingly, the themes gathered through the Local Measure Employee Experience tool have recently included topics such as:

  • homeschooling and managing children while continuing to work
  • distinguishing work hours from personal hours
  • finding time to exercise, and 
  • missing the social interaction of the office environment

And by asking for employee feedback, we can actually do something about it. After all, feedback means nothing if you don’t act on it. Recent initiatives have included:

  • Using video more to maintain a level of social interaction
  • Increasing social banter and conversation on our team Slack channels
  • Implementing a buddy system to support each other through this unknown time

We’re really excited to now offer Pulse as an employee engagement solution. It’s a simple and effective employee feedback survey - a great starting point for anyone looking to measure and improve employee satisfaction. Click here to find out more.