How can you break ahead of the pack in this increasingly complex, competitive and social media fuelled world?

Peter Drucker, the father of business consulting, would advise you to focus on the two core business activities that produce results: “marketing and innovation”. As for innovation, you’re the expert for your particular industry. But how do you improve your marketing when the entire ecosystem has fundamentally shifted from sweeping broadcast interruption style marketing campaigns to highly targeted relationship building campaigns?

As a tech startup at the forefront of the local digital space, we recommend the following:

1. Identify and profile your ideal clients

According to Hubspot, 83% of marketers rate figuring out how to target customers and prospects as a major concern. However, targeting the right people is much easier when you know exactly who you’re trying to target. So consider for a moment: Who is your ideal client? Find out who they are by reviewing your existing clients and using surveys or tools like Facebook Connect to capture as much demographic information as you can. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to craft the right content, angles and offers to connect with the people who can bring the most to your business.

2. Build relationships with your ideal clients via multiple channels

The days of relying upon one advertising medium are over. As competition and marketing noise increases, if you want to thrive, it’s critical that you can connect with your prospects and clients using the right message across multiple channels. That means having a core strategy and consistent message across your website, blog, social media channels and email campaigns. It means consistent messaging without being redundant or repetitive. Add value to your clients! And if your business engages with prospects or clients at a physical location (such as a stadium or restaurant), ensure you’re monitoring what they’re posting online so that you can connect with influencers, surprise and delight loyal clients and respond to brand risks in real time.

3. If you have physical premises, leverage your location-based social media content

Remember, people are talking about your business online when they’re physically present at your business.

Social media has created new risks and new opportunities for you as a marketing executive. However, there’s a problem: how do you find the conversations on social media that matter to your business so that you can respond to them effectively?

For businesses, there have been two major breakthroughs in answering this question:

  1. Keyword filters (brought to us by Hootsuite) – which allow you to monitor all conversations globally mentioning a particular keyword; and
  2. Location filters (brought to us by Local Measure) – which allow you to monitor conversations taking place from a location (such as a stadium or bar), even if the poster uses zero keywords, so that you can improve service, contact influencers, mitigate brand risks and get access to all posts at your premises from a single dashboard.
Do you know what your most valuable prospects are saying about you and your business online?