Maintaining the delicate balance between personal and professional life is not an easy thing to accomplish for any individual. Our approaches to our personal and professional lives are very different, as everyone splits both time and priorities differently.

Among the 89% of Americans who say work/life balance is a problem, 54% called it a “significant” problem. So here are our tips to help you feel comfortable and have enough time for both your growing career and family.

Get in Sync

It’s important to be organised no matter where you are, so you can meet all of your commitments. In our last blog post we exemplified the importance of the simple daily calendar to help you manage the precious hours in your day. If we simply bring this calendar back home, you can be even more in sync with your home/work life. Try to prioritise the important family events and keep things flexible – but always remember what is required of you in your workplace. Remember to sync up your work and personal calendars so you have a central source of all upcoming events and meetings!

To ensure our dev team keep in sync we use a number of tools such as Slack as our messaging platform, that also integrates with developer services such as Github so all devs are across what’s newly been deployed to various working environments.

Our sales team use Salesforce to manage the sales process but also to keep on top of how other team members are going with regard to new business development. Our team logs into Trello to view various forms of customer feedback and JIRA to keep on top of our development sprint but also to log bugs and monitor tasks etc.

Create contingency plans

Although most of the time, it is generally smooth sailing at home and work – contingency plans should be in place. Whether or not you can’t come home or you can’t come to work, you need someone in your corner to back you up or help bail you out. Unexpected events happen unexpectedly (yes, that is the point) so finding a solution with your boss at work and partner at home is ideal. 57% of workers think that their employer is doing enough to address work/life balance issues, so make sure you are in that statistic.

Establish objectives and experiment

As well at work as in your personal life you should have objectives that will help you reach your goals. Once you’ve defined where you want to go and what you want to accomplish, try to find how you’re gonna get there and do that. It also involves experimenting new things in order not to fall in a daily routine. So go out and try something new!

Grant moments for your family, but don’t forget to make time for yourself – 37% of those who don’t have an adequate balance say time that with family is the first thing that suffers; with personal time spent reading or relaxing followed, at 22%. Try to put down that phone, stop reading all of these junk emails, log off your social networks. In order to nurture both your career and family, chances are that you’ll have to keep compromising and prioritising your goals. But for now, get off our blog and go back to work, or go enjoy some family time.

Check out MeetupEventbriteSkillshare or Coursera if you’re interested in trying something new around your area. There are physical meetups like bootcamps, bike rides and educational events if you’re keen on learning a new language or a topic you just want to find out more about.

Written by Tracy Benillouz