Every once in a while we like to share our product enhancements together with tips on how to get the most out of your customer relationships. Local Measure allows your business to access the conversations your customers are having on social media about your brand, even if they don’t mention it by name. We love helping brands connect with their customers more intimately online, so here are a few tips on how you can find out about the types of people visiting your location/s, but also ways you can use our platform to engage with them in the right way.

Engage with your loyal customers

In the Explore tab under People, you’ll see information about the people visiting your location and can choose to sort them by most recent visitors, number of posts and number of followers.

Let’s start by looking just at their recency and number of visits. As the name suggest, these two tabs allow you to see the customers who have visited your business recently, and those who visited you the most number of times. You can choose to view this data for a specific location, or a custom dates period which is helpful to view activity during a campaign or event.

On each customer card, you’ll see a Loyalty and Influence score. Both scores represent an important details about your customers. Social media allows you to learn more about your customers and what interests they have. All this information is important to your business as it allows you to adjust your response and online language to allow you to connect more effectively.

Engage with your influencers

The power of social media is that it allows a one-to-one conversation with your customers. You can talk to each of your customers individually and make them feel unique.

Now we’ll focus on the influence and followers filters. Here you can view customers by influence and by followers. Influence is a score that we calculate that combines a customers Total followers X Total # of Visits.  The result is grouped into 3 segments; High, Medium or Low. This value reflects how influential this customer is when they visit your location.

LOW —This customer has a below average impact on your brand.

AVERAGE —This customer has an average impact on your brand.

HIGH — This customer has an above average impact on your brand and extremely influential to your business.

Influencers with a score of High may often be a celebrity or famous blogger whose influence can have a high impact on your business so try to ensure they have a great experience at your business location.  Engaging with these customers will increase brand affection and visibility as the influencers post has been broadcasted to their large following which may have a viral effect. For example, Guess works with a network of 60 bloggers to promote their products by offering them free watches.

Stay tuned for part two…

Written by Tracy Benillouz