Virgin, one of the most loved consumer brands, has implemented new Wi-Fi infrastructure at its first hotel, in partnership with Local Measure. Within just a few months of implementation the brand has gained 29,000 unique emails from guests visiting the hotel.

Virgin Hotels Chicago is famous not only for the Virgin brand but for it’s socially connected restaurants, bars and lounges, drawing on pop culture to create iconic experiences for its guests. Their food and beverage offerings play a key part in driving traffic to the hotel, but the hotel didn’t have much visibility into the people who visited their bars and restaurants.

Since 2016 they had been using Local Measure’s platform for social media insights and content, so in 2018 the team decided to implement Local Measure’s Social Wi-Fi solution to learn more about people visiting their establishments. Twenty-nine thousand new email addresses later, along with new customer insights, the team is now able to create personalized experiences and drive loyalty program membership.

Local Measure’s partnership with Cisco Meraki, has been key in bringing its real-time Wi-Fi analytics to the hotel. A Wi-Fi sign on page acts as a customer acquisition tool while collecting location analytics and creating rich customer profiles that allows Virgin Hotels to create memorable moments for their guests.

Working with an iconic, customer-centric brand is particularly meaningful to Local Measure. “There is total synchronicity between our ambitions”, said Ian-Michael Farkas, VP Americas at Local Measure, “Virgin have always sought to deliver exceptional customer experiences, and we are pleased to help Virgin Hotels Chicago make that a reality for guests everyday.”

Doug Carrillo, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Virgin Hotels said, “Virgin Hotels has always been known as a consumer champion and we saw the Local Measure-Cisco Meraki solution as a way to further enhance the level of personalization offered. Partners that can help us find the solutions that bring forward our brand values is exactly what we're looking for, and we've found that with Local Measure and Cisco Meraki.”

The customer experience marketing strategy at Virgin Hotels Chicago will act as a blueprint for openings planned for several other cities, including San Francisco, New York, Dallas, and Nashville.


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