Anyone who has ever tried to film a time lapse video on their phone knows how agonisingly painful it can be. You need superhuman steady hands, maybe some high tech camera equipment and if you so much as sneeze while you’re taking a shot you can ruin the entire thing.

But those days are soon to be a thing of the past.

Earlier this week, Instagram released the latest in microblogging video technology. Their app, Hyperlapse, is a video function that allows users to record amazing time-lapse footage from their phones, without the hassle of having to use image stabilising technology or high quality camera equipment. All you have to do is download the Hyperlapse app, record a video as you normally would, then edit it to play at up to 12 times its original speed.

Hyperlapse gives its users the ability to make story-telling unique, and with over 200 million users on Instagram, it’s about to become one of the most popular tools in the microblogging sphere by allowing people to share day to day experiences in 15 seconds or less.

We had a play around with the app, and it’s now available for our clients on Local Measure as a viewable content type. So when a guest or customer posts a Hyperlapse video at your location, you will now be able to see it along with other Instagram photos and videos.

Here’s a quick look out our office window!

Sourcing Hyperlapse content can give your brand a whole new perspective. These videos can put a new spin on your venue, retail outlet or event, and open up opportunities for new marketing and promotional techniques. For example, you could potentially film a tour of your venue, or ‘a day in the life in’ styled clip in less than 15 seconds.