At AWS re:Invent 2020, the world’s premier cloud learning event, AWS announced the release of Amazon Connect Tasks - a cloud contact center feature enabling companies and agents to create, log and track tasks that require the attention of human experts.

Purpose-built for Amazon Connect, Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect is an omnichannel agent desktop allowing contact centers to manage inbound customer enquiries across voice, digital channels, and email all via one single platform. 

Local Measure is excited to enhance its cloud contact center solution, Engage for Amazon Connect, with the addition of Amazon Connect Tasks. This workflow automation will allow agents to significantly improve Average Handle Time (AHT) and Average After Call Work Time (ACW) - ultimately improving the agent experience and the overall customer experience. 

Using Amazon Connect Streams, Local Measure’s Amazon Connect Task experience provides contact centers with the following capabilities: 


Within the Engage for Amazon Connect agent desktop settings, contact center supervisors can create commonly requested pre-determined task templates giving agents a one-click button to log follow-up tasks. Example tasks might include ‘call customer back on date/time’, ‘close account’ or ‘update customer profile’.


Using the Engage for Amazon Connect agent desktop, contact center agents can log tasks related to customer enquiries by selecting one of the common task templates. Tasks can be logged mid-conversation with a customer or after the conversation has been closed, helping to decrease the agent’s average After Call Work Time (ACW). By reducing the reliance on memory and handwritten notes to track follow-up actions, businesses can improve agent efficiency and automate repetitive work. 


Using predictive analytics, Engage for Amazon Connect provides contact center agents with suggested tasks based on the conversation being had with the customer at the time. By recognizing common keywords, agents will be prompted by an ‘Add Task’ button with appropriate actions such as ‘close account’ or ‘send copy of invoice’. 

Tasks are automatically transferred to a Task Queue. Agents can be rostered to either look after customer enquiries or action tasks. When assigned to task duty, agents will have access to the Task Queue and can work efficiently through all the recently logged tasks, resolving customer enquiries by sending the relevant forms, closing accounts or following up on sales leads as requested. 

Task creation in Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect

Key benefits for customers include:

  • Improved After Call Work Time (ACW) as agents quickly assign follow-up tasks
  • Task reporting and tracking allows managers to better quantify how an agent is performing, particularly within the ‘After Call’ work state
  • Better automation of workflows allows agents to work smarter and faster

Using Amazon Connect Tasks, Local Measure has created a powerful solution that helps agents work smarter and faster, streamlines contact center operations, provides better reporting for management and ultimately improves the customer experience. 

To streamline your contact center operations and improve your agent experience, learn more about Local Measure Engage for Amazon Connect.