Concerts, sporting matches, festivals –  you name it, these are events that draw in droves of people who share a common interest. Whether it’s music, sport, or something else entirely, these events are fast paced and full of action, and trying to make sure everything goes smoothly can present quite a challenge to event organisers.

Why the focus on social?

Studies show that over the last few years, the Event Promotion and Management industry has declined. Yet the events industry accounts for a significant portion of the tourism industry. Festivals, concerts and sporting events draw in numerous crowds and fans every year, so it’s important to get it right. Often the challenges lie in a lack of centralised operation, as this requires the cooperation of many different organisations and industries to create a successful event. In the US, the lack of sufficient resources including low employee numbers and restricted geographical reach also creates its limitations.

Tapping into the potential of social media can add new dimensions and levels of interaction to your event, not only in terms of management but in enhancing the experience for attendees.

31% of respondents who took part in a 2010 IAEE study said they have incorporated social media into their marketing efforts.

Addressing visitor enquiries, building relationships with sponsors and creating a better environment for your event are just some of the things you can achieve. Here are just a few ways Local Measure can help you turn your event into an online experience that feeds your offline one.

Allow your visitors to broadcast the experience for you

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on campaigns, you can use footage and material by fans and visitors to fuel event promotion for you. The best eyes and ears are those on the ground who are actually experiencing the moment.

Take Australia’s VIVID 2014 light festival. Approximately 1.43 million people attended the event, that’s more than a million people taking photos and videos of the festival. By converting existing content, the event becomes visitor driven, with many taking to social media to share their experiences.

Local Measure provides the means to take these individual moments and turn them into a colourful collage of visitor experience. All posts made at your relevant location are sourced and delivered to you in a live, visual feed. By creating a widget or social feed to embed on social media, you can share a live feed of the event with anyone at any time via your website.

Alternatively, you can also have social media feedback displayed live on event screens around your arena or event area.

Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour Music concerts such as Katy Perry’s Prismatic tour can make great use of social media. Fan experiences, videos and photos are captured from the pre-show hype to the main event itself.

Social media also allows you to share in the big moments with those in the ground. When the goal is scored or the match point won, you can interact with those who are living the moment. Reply or favourite the photo, follow the user’s profile or pass it along to others on your website or social media profiles, via Hootsuite.  

‍Roger Federer wins his 1000th career title at the Brisbane International

Crowd Control Keep an eye on potential risks, security issues and crowd management at your events via social. From being able to better control queues, to receiving feedback about the venue, social media can help minimise operational risks for your event. Management also has the option to address concerns or negative feedback by replying to posts.

‍Guest reviews venue

Our Funnels tool allows you to filter through posts for keywords and risky terms, so you can be notified when something happens at a particular location.

‍Build relationships with sponsors

Most events these days would not be as large scale or successful without the investment of sponsors. Keep them in the loop and let them see for themselves what’s going on during the event. Partnerships are successful when an investor can see a return on their investment. By monitoring social media you can coordinate and make sure sponsors remain involved.


A fan in the VIP section of the Katy Perry concert

Social media has the potential to be one of the most productive tools for event organisers. From marketing needs, promotional campaigns and communication, it can turn a daunting task into an efficient and spectacular occasion that gets everyone talking.