For customers, a good hotel should be like a home away from home. Potential guests are usually people who are looking to escape the bustle of their every-day lives, or they might be staying at your hotel between events or conferences. In some cases, an emergency stay at your hotel might even be warranted by a flight delay. Either way, it is the place where people go to unwind and relax.

It’s easy to deliver quality service, but making it exceptional is another thing entirely. In order to do this, you have to be attuned to the individual needs of your customers, open to feedback and ready whenever they require your services. Most importantly, because a guest will always judge your hotel based on the quality of their stay, it is essential to make sure they have the best experience possible while they are at your venue. Your brand’s best advocates are your guests, and positive experiences tend to travel by word of mouth and conversations via social media.

Local Measure helps hotels see these conversations on social and respond to them accordingly. When a customer is having issues with a room or particular service, posts a complaint, or a guest posts a photo of how they are enjoying your service, we can give you these updates in real time, as they are posted by customers while at your hotel.

Why the focus on social media?

Hotels are the most popular topic for review on social media networks and blogging sites, which means that a large proportion of your brand representation is perpetuated online. When you take into account that 37% of people check their networks the first thing in the morning, and 42% do so before they go to bed, it’s clear to see that social media has become integrated into our daily routines. About a fifth of travellers will turn to social media for inspiration when planning vacations, and hotels comprise 23% research. Not to mention, about 46% of guests will post reviews of their stay, post-vacation.

These days, the first point of contact with a hotel is via their social media networks. Potential guests look to review sites and forums to determine whether or not they should visit a hotel, and these guest experiences impact on the decision making process of your guests.

Making the most of the moment

At Local Measure, we pride ourselves on making the most of the moment. By providing you with updates about guest experiences when they happen, you can empower yourself by taking action when things happen, rather than after the fact. Service that happens, especially service that takes into account the guest’s individual needs,  can increase customer loyalty. 

Here are a few ways you can take advantage of the real time information.

Be aware of situational opportunities

Have a few guests talking about the state of the weather or posting pictures from their hotel window? Know when to have rooms heated and ready or to offer complimentary gifts to get them comfortable.

Photo by a guest who was provided with an umbrella on a rainy day. 

Other situational factors might occur. For example, if a guest is celebrating a birthday or special occasion like an anniversary, why not send a small gift like a cake or bouquet of flowers to their room, courtesy of your hotel. If you know there is a special event in town like a concert, you might have the music of that particular band playing in your lobby, or have access to public transportation timetables readily available in the foyer. You can even turn less than desirable circumstances, like a flight delay, into something a little less stressful for your guest by making them more comfortable.

We want to help you surprise and delight your customers by being attentive to their situations. One of our clients recently had a guest post a photo on National Dog Day, captioned: “Happy, #nationaldogday miss my little bear.”  The hotel was able to reply and send a furry substitute to his room, which the guest then photographed and posted with “Wow. This hotel Rules!! Surprised me with this. #nationaldogday #stayherewhenyoucometomelbourne.” By taking advantage of opportunities to make your customers feel at home in the moment, you are creating strong brand advocates.

Customer Complaints, Questions and Brand Risks

When a customer makes a complaint, don’t wait until after the incident has happened to resolve the issue. Help address it in real time before it can happen again by resolving the problem and giving your guest prompt service.

Local Measure delivers posts, including Facebook reviews and posts from Foursquare, Instagram and Twitter. You can set up alerts on our platform to notify you when specific incidents happen. For example, if someone’s post includes keywords like ‘complaint’ or ‘rude’ in regards to staff, you will be sent a notification as soon as this happens. All you have to do is set up a Funnel and choose which words to filter.
You can also reply quickly to any questions left on your social media platforms about your services, available rooms and facilities, all from the convenient location of our dashboard.

This funnel feature can also alert you to any brand risks. For example, if there is an accident, emergency or some sort of illegal activity taking place at your premises, you can have your security team and general manager alerted to avoid and mitigate damaging incidents.

Know What Works and What Doesn’t

Guests often post regularly about aspects of their stay. From photos and reviews of the food at the restaurant, to the room itself, and other facilities that may be provided at your hotel. You might receive several compliments on the one feature or service, or suggestions on others about how they can be improved. Local Measure can help you monitor what’s being said and give you the suggestions that the customers themselves are making.


Engaging with your customers promotes good relations and lets them know that you are not only approachable, but available and invested in their happiness while staying at your hotel. This can be as simple as liking, commenting or following a profile that’s made a post on your page. Of course, there are certain boundaries you need to respect by doing so, which we have elaborated upon here.