Tracking current events and breaking headlines is a job that requires constant vigilance and intuition. A good reporter must always be open to new and varied sources in order to keep ahead of competitor publications and to ensure they’re up to date with the latest in news developments.

If we are serious about news being for all the people, we need to start rethinking how we deliver stories. – Latoya Peterson, Author of News in a Remix Focused Culture

Local Measure can help journalists and media personnel generate new leads and source content that can enhance their story and bring new, fresh perspectives to their breaking headlines.

Why the focus on social?

Readers are increasingly turning to social networking sites to read their news. Of Twitter and Facebook users, 50% admit that they find new stories via these social media sites. As most news consumption via social media is incidental, delivering your news via social media can help cross platforms and reach different audiences, who would not normally visit your masthead website.

Social media also provides another avenue for content curation. Eye witnesses and stakeholders posting on social media can provide valuable story material and offer opinions to give your article a more balanced perspective. Social media has also been known fuel discussion of current events, which allows writers to include opinions across the spectrum when creating editorials or articles.

Social streams on front page news are also likely to become more frequent in driving web traffic. NiemanLab contributor, Kawandeep Virdee goes into detail about this in his ‘Siphoning From Social Tech’ article. News sites are engaging with and pulling more content such as video and curated content to help cement their sites as dynamic and fresh news outlets.

Our platform can help your publication source events from around the world across all topics. From entertainment stories, breaking headlines and political events, we can help deliver your next big story.

Here are some of the ways we can help enhance your stories.

Fresh perspectives

Provide your readers with different perspectives, by those on the ground and social commentators.

We can direct you to real-time content by those present at events or collate them into an interactive gallery to put onto your webpage.

Here is an example of a gallery of photos and video footage taken by onlookers as the Dubai Tower caught alight.

Rights permissions

Local Measure not only delivers content, but assists you in satisfying appropriate rights attribution processes to ensure that copyright laws are covered when sharing photos.

Staff and journalists can ask for the original poster’s permission, and all posts discovered on Local Measure which are embedded onto your page will link to the original photo.

Keep track of areas of interest to find breaking headlines

Breaking incidents can be hard to cover, especially if you do not have personnel or resources near the area when they occur.

Local Measure can help you monitor locations with geofences. Geofences are circles drawn onto a map that will immediately pull any social media data from that defined area. Monitor local areas of interest or capture international events as they happen using geofencing.

The following is a collection of photos taken by onlookers at a train crash, sourced using geofencing capabilities.

Live event coverage

Watch real-time coverage of what witness posts on the ground. This is great for tracking events or areas of interest and we can help deliver this to you via a cycle of posts displayed on large screens within your news centre.

Here’s an example of what an event screen looks like, with a live protest at the Kremlin, Moscow.

Easy Curation

You select what gets seen and published to your website. Select the best photos from the ground and push these to your media platforms for your readers to see by tagging posts aggregate into an online gallery, or by republishing via our Hootsuite and WordPress integrations.

You can also choose posts to directly embed by simply clicking on the social network icon in the corner of the post.

Local Measure is a valuable media curation tool that can save your staff time and resources with quality content, while adding another dimension to the way you deliver news stories. In an increasingly digital environment, Local Measure can help your outlet to continually source front page, quality news and stay ahead of your competitors.