It's now understood that in order to drive exceptional customer experiences brands need to extend personalization beyond just recognizing customer names. Since customer data is part of a value exchange system that consumers are increasingly conscious of, it's becoming even more important to zero in on the contextual insights that allow you to create hyper-personalized experiences.

Recently, we were proud to announce Local Measure as an Instagram Partner. Since then, our favourite image sharing platform has reached an amazing 500M monthly active users. That’s more than double its user base in two years, and over 95M posts and videos shared a day!

Instagram also continues to reach a wide and diverse audience on an international scale, touching upon a variety of interests and demographics from millennials to mothers. And , combined with Facebook, Instagram provides even more opportunities and potential for businesses to reach their customers.

You can read more about this amazing milestone at the Instagram Business blog here.

Local Measure’s real time feedback tool offers businesses the ability to send a custom auto-reply email when a customer has left positive feedback. Since service teams will typically prioritize responding to negative feedback, an auto-reply to positive feedback ensures that all responding customers are delivered a timely reply. Learn more about how you can save time with Pulse.