Instagram is a popular channel for all things visual. While it is an obvious advantage those in the retail, hospitality and tourist industries, it can also be useful to promote B2B and other companies that are less focused on aesthetic products.

Consider it your brand’s visual diary. Whether you use it to show off your products, or your team, Instagram is great for helping create an ambient and visual presentation of your brand.

Show, don’t tell

A picture tells a thousand words, and that’s what you should be doing on Instagram. Keep your captions short and to the point, and let the images do most of the talking for you.

Let the world know that your customers love your products

From snaps in-store to customers lapping up your items, sharing your customers’ photos can help boost your reputation and encourage more customers to do the same.

Let other see what you’re up to

Instagram isn’t just a place for you to show off your product, but to show off yourself as well. Letting people into your office and creative processes gives your brand a more approachable appearance.

Use the right hashtags

With so many trending topics and hashtags on the internet, you have to make sure that your campaign stands out. By keeping your hashtags short, sweet and memorable, you can encourage users to promote your brand using a standardised hashtag. This makes it easier to track campaigns and your brand performance.

Instagram has also made it easier for businesses to track ad campaigns and to promote themselves by providing analytics tools. These allow businesses to gain insight into the number of impressions and the extent of their reach across Instagram.