Around two months ago I started my internship here at Local Measure. I am from France currently finishing my Masters degree and interning abroad in a similar field, Marketing and Digital Communications. I’ve interned before locally in France and this is actually my 5th intern role but the first working in a startup environment. Each internship has provided me with key skills and experiences that I could only read about in my text books.


As an intern at LM, I wear multiple hats. My primary role is to manage and grow our Social Media and Digital Marketing presence.

In a large company it’s likely this role would be managed by 2 or 3 people: a social media strategist, a community manager and even a marketing manager.

What I love about my role here is that it forces you to learn new things all the time. If I don’t know the answer to something, I wear my research hat, find the answer and learn about it. If I want to improve a process or have an idea to generate engagement in our social communities, I get it done, test and see what the response was like and learn from the trial.  The key in getting results is to try multiple things, learn from the results and continue to grow.

Before making the moving to Sydney, I had no real world experience in managing social media or digital marketing for a brand. Most of my understand was from school, assignments and how I managed social media personally.  I’ve always been interested in new technology and digital marketing so I spent a lot of my time on the internet, watching videos and listening to talks and reading to increase my knowledge about the industry.

There are many things i’m yet to learn and i’m excited about what’s to come in the future, I know that as long as I continue to ask questions and am willing to learn that i’ll continue to grow my skills and become an effective Digital Marketer.

Taking the lead

Another important thing that i’ve learnt is to know how and when to take the lead. In big companies, often employees are faced with constraints such as getting approvals and following heavy processes which can be a time consuming process.

In a startup it is quite different, you need to make decisions daily autonomously, with the best interest of your company at hand.  It’s great to have the flexibility to try new things and be empowered to lead our social media and marketing activity, without having to get approval for every small decision. As a result, this has made me more confident in my skills as I don’t have to constantly explain or justify why I want to post my article in a form of an infographic instead of a more traditional article with just text and images.

One of Local Measures core team values is “We learn from our fuckups”. This value is a daily reminder that while it does now mean I can screw up every day that i’m in an environment where I can experiment with an idea or be as creative as I can imagine to accomplish a task.

My second family

One of the biggest changes when interning abroad in a new country is discovering things to do, learning the streets and meeting new people so the relationship i’ve formed with my colleagues at Local Measure is very important.

We’re more than just colleagues here, we’re like a big family. We have fun at work, laugh a lot and we have each others back.  I’ve learned more about these guys in two months than I’ve learned about my previous colleagues that i’ve worked with for 6 months. It is something I really appreciate as I believe it really changes the way you work. It makes it easier to wake up in the morning and be happy to go to work. Also, I know that I can trust them and if I have any problem I can easily go and talk to them.

I have a few months left of my internship and I hope time goes by slowly because it’s been a great experience so far that I could never forget – not just professional but a personal one.

Written by Tracy Benillouz