We’ve just released the new Local Measure platform (over 8 months in planning and development!). We’ve improved the overall experience dramatically and we think you’re going to love it.

Thank you to our customers, who’ve been using the tool daily and providing valuable feedback directly back to the team. We’ve listened and have responded by introducing the following big updates:

Improvements to the User Experience

We’ve made several updates to various screens and workflows to ensure we can provide our customers with a smooth and sticky experience. In other words, you might not notice all of these changes, but we’re hoping you notice the improvements in site performance and quicker navigation through the screens.

The side navigation has been updated. We’ve grouped the content streams (Posts and Customers) into the Explore tab. Explore is for those users who want to sift through the latest customers posts.

Open and close the side panel by selecting the Local Measure icon.

The updated filters and sorting toolbar is now consistent across every page and allows you to filter at a micro level. You will be able to see all social media posts by one customer, filter by most influential people or find out more about those repetitive customers.

The biggest improvement to the user experience is that Local Measure is now accessible on any device or screen size. We’ve built the new version so that it’s responsive on any screen size.

You can view posts on your mobile phone, or on a large TV screen that might be located in your office in order to monitor any new posts.

Hello Notifications, Goodbye Insights

Insights has been removed in its current form. For those who are unaware, Insights was a feed of daily and weekly updates, but it also displayed any replies from people on posts that you’ve also commented on. After speaking with a number of customers, we found the one true reason for visiting this page was to monitor replies.

So, we’ve made it even simpler to view these replies.

You’ll notice that we’ve included a Notifications feed on the top right of screen. Similarly to the Facebook experience, where you’ll receive new comments on posts. This panel will display any new replies to social posts.

Please note that you must comment on a post using Local Measure, to guarantee that if a customer replies, it will be picked up and displayed in this panel.

Create Custom Funnels to Capture Important Social Conversations

We understand that managing social media for an organisation can be tough work.

Our vision at Local Measure is to help businesses and teams cut through all the social noise to see those important conversations taking place at their locations. Over the year, we’ve received a significant amount of feedback from our customers that has led us to build this new feature called funnels.

Funnels is fully automated. You simply set the rules around the social conversations that matter once such as when an influential person is at your location, or when sometime mentions a negative comment online.

Now, when any of these rules match, we’ll notify you (or a member of your team) via an email alert as quickly as we can so you can reply and action as appropriately.

Here’s a diagram of how it works:

Here are a few examples of the type of funnels you can create:

To understand more about funnels, click here to read a blog post dedicated to Funnels.

We'll Alert When a Funnel Matches

When a funnel you’ve created matches ie. a customer posts who matches the conditions set on the funnel, we’ll notify you via an email alert.

When creating the funnel, you can chose who in your team should receive the alert, as well as the frequency (ASAP, Hourly or Daily).

We hope you have a chance to get out all the new updates. If you have any questions or would like clarification on any of the major updates, please contact me directly or alternatively, speak to your Local Measure Account Manager, they would love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in finding out how Local Measure can help your business, please contact the team via support@getlocalmeasure.com