Here at Local Measure, we have been writing blogs to help guide businesses through the setup process for creating profiles across various Social Media platforms. But we don’t want a business’ commitment to Social Media to end there. So, we have put together a few points to help your business strategise it’s goals for Social Networking, which can you can keep in check even as the life cycle of the biz evolves.

Utilise different Networks to share a Variety of Content

If you’ve mastered the art of the occasional post on a Social Network, it might be time to get more creative and active on different networks. Upload a photo from Instagram, create an event Facebook, share a video from Youtube, post a recipe on Pinterest or share a link to an article on Twitter. Don’t forget to share across all of your platforms to cultivate the most reach.

Keep your Biz’s News up-to-date

Admit it – there is almost always something notable going on within your business or industry… It doesn’t have to be international headlining news – but people like to know what is happening in your shop, with your products/services and even your employees. Humanize your biz’s image by sharing this kind of content with your Social audience.

Subtly Drive Sales and Leads

If you haven’t already, introduce your products and/or services to your customers. Let them know about a sale, offer packages to clients and even try offer exclusive online deals. But don’t go overboard – your Social Media audiences don’t need to be bombarded with too much sales or product jargon. 

Continue Developing Relationships

Sure, you maintain a great relationship with your regular clients/customers in your business’s brick and mortar location – but are you reaching out to create and cultivate new business relationships online? Ask and answer questions, post or comment on user’s pages to build interactions and rapport with possible customers and clients.   

Social Media is the perfect way to reach and connect with potential clients, customers, suppliers, industry leaders and even competitors – so make sure you try to stay on top of your Social Media Goals… Goodluck!