Mark shares some handy hints about how businesses can make the most of the Pokémon Go phenomenon.

Pokémon Go continues its global rollout, with the little guys popping up everywhere. shared that last week, Pokémon Go had earned an estimated 7.5 million downloads in the United States alone, hauling in more than $1.6 million each day, and at two weeks, that number had grown to 21 million daily active users. Businesses around the world are quickly mobilizing, attempting to figure out if this just the latest fad App, or if this is a meaningful new opportunity to increase foot traffic and revenue?

I’m fortunate enough to work with Socially-engaged businesses around the world who are always looking for new ways to engage with their Customers and Guests online. Here are a few quick tips for how you can maximise your exposure to Pokémon Trainers (aka players) on Social Media.

Just like the game, let’s look at how you can Level Up and maximise the experience of Trainers.

Level One: Are you congratulating your Trainers?

The fastest way to show off your support for Pokémon Go is to Like and Comment on posts from your visitors on their latest finds and captures. Their friends will see that you’re a friendly place to collect and share, driving traffic and interest to your venue.

Level Five (just like in the game, levels 2-4 don’t count): Are your own employees and teams sharing their captures?

Trust me, there are team members out there (and maybe even you, yourself…we won’t tell) growing their collection of Pokémon. Are you encouraging your team to share their latest captures and finds? Are they sharing if your venue is a Pokéstop or Gym? My gym has encouraged their team and trainers to post about any Pokémon they discover wondering about the workout floor.

If you’ve previously had a “no talking about the company on social media” policy, this could be a fun way to test the waters.

Level Ten: Market an event or reason for people to gather at your property.

Post that you’re a Pokémon-friendly establishment offering free wi-fi to diners or visitors. Offer some type of in-centre/venue reward for people who capture a certain Pokémon onsite and tag your venue and post about it. If you’re a larger park or tourist space, Encourage Trainers to gather at a specific time to seek, interact and share.

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Will it last?

Only time will tell.  The long-term success of Pokémon Go is as much about what Niantic (the game’s creator) does next with the App, as it is about what businesses and others do to leverage the traffic that is being generated by Trainers. As long as Trainers have a reason to “get up, get out, and explore,” the momentum will continue.
The choice is yours as a business, will you provide shelter, services, and community to these explorers, or will you leave that to your competitors?