You’re at the stage where you have the perfect content, and it’s almost ready for publication. But it might seem a bit… bland. A huge wall of text on its own is discouraging to even the most dedicated reader, so we’ve put together a few of our favourite links to help tell your brand story or content in different ways.

Canva is excellent for creating graphics. They provide various templates and layouts for different mediums, such as blog posts, headers, presentation graphics and other types of formats, so you can make a range of graphics for a variety of social platforms. They make it easy to create professional looking, sleek designs and you can also use any images you upload yourself.

Canva is particularly great for creating infographics and they also provide free design tutorials to help you get started with making your own graphics.


Biteable is a simple tool that helps you create informative animations in a matter of minutes. This is particularly useful if you want to show step-by-step instructions, lists or quantitative data in a bright, eye-catching way. All you have to do is select the scenes you want, the text colour and background, put in some information and you’re all set.

Here’s an example of a short animation:

Exposure allows you to create photo narratives by simply uploading your pictures. You then have the option of captioning the photos or creating text to accompany your photo story. Different themes and layouts for your story are also available with upgrades.

Exposure is great if you have client stories or project stories that you want to share with your audience.

Here’s a simple example of what you can do with Exposure. is an image editing tool that allows you to make quotes interesting. You can choose different backgrounds and fonts and upload your own images in order to create a visually appealing quote.

We turned one of our favourite mantras into a graphic that can be shared anywhere across social media.

These are just some of the visual tools available for enhancing your content. What are some of your favourite tools for visual content?