With our latest update, we have made several changes to the way social accounts are connected to help you better manage your social strategy and apply it to the structure of your business. By allowing you to assign specific locations to certain users and social accounts, you can control what information team members can see and whether or not they can respond on behalf of your brand.

Social Accounts

We’ve made it easier to add and manage your social accounts and improved the general appearance of your settings, so you can see which accounts you have connected.

When adding or editing a social account you can now select which locations it will be available at.

If you are a manager user, you can also add private Instagram or Facebook accounts that will not be available to anyone except you. In order to make a social account private, you must make sure it is assigned to 0 Locations.

User Management

When adding or editing users under User Management you now have the ability to control which Locations they can see and reply to.

While a user may be given permission to view multiple or all locations, you can edit their access so that they may only interact with posts or people at specific locations.

For example, Jeffrey may have permission to view posts from both Hotel A and Hotel B, but he might only be granted permission to reply to posts from Hotel B. By giving a user Social Interaction Permissions, they are able to use any social media account connected to that Location to reply to posts.

Now back on the explore screen users can only interact with posts if they have permission and only from the accounts that are assigned to the location they can see.