On a global scale, mobile usage is increasingly permeating our day to day lives, particularly when it comes to connecting online. Need to look up the definition of a word? Take out your smartphone and access a dictionary or search it on the web. Get lost in the CBD? No problem, whip out your phone and pull up a map. Wonder what your friends are up to? Say hello on social media. Lack the funds to buy that pair of awesome shoes? Mobile banking is the way to go, or better yet, take a look at shopping for shoes online.

In Australia alone, 7.5 million people said they accessed the internet from their phones in the month of June 2013. Considering that 10.81 million people admitted to going online more than once a day, that means potentially 70% of people had done so from their phones.

Across the world in America, a Millward Brown study showed that on average, people spend almost two hours a day on their smartphone, whereas people in China spend about 170 minutes on theirs.

Whether it’s online shopping or interacting with family friends, mobile phones are pivotal in helping to connect with others and the world at large. So it’s important for businesses to realise the value in catering to a mobile audience. Optimising your mobile accessibility and focusing your marketing strategy on reaching mobile users can significantly increase brand awareness for your company.

Here are some questions you can ponder

Is your site mobile-friendly?

Making your site accessible for mobile is crucial for promoting your brand. If your site is difficult to navigate, this deters people from accessing it again in future. 61% of users said they were unlikely to return to a site they had trouble accessing from their phone.

Does your brand have an app?

A study by Nielsen has demonstrated that people spend 89% of their mobile media time through apps. Investing in a mobile app provides your brand with the opportunity to give users a convenient channel for communication and interaction with your brand. Having an app can also help you determine how users are interacting with your brand, what features are successful and which areas you can improve upon.

How are you reaching your mobile audience?

Think of the mobile as another way you can channel your advertising campaigns. When you consider that people are fast ditching the TV in favour of the mobile phone, this opens up more opportunities and ways for you to communicate with your consumers. Invest in making videos, visuals and other multi-media projects to help promote your brand.

Creating a mobile presence for yourself across social media is also important. Having as much data available about your brand makes it easier for people to find out more about you. When people are out and about, they turn to their phones to track down local entertainment, businesses and restaurants. 86% of users make use of this local data and 88% of those act upon the data received, so it’s important to ensure you have a mobile presence across different platforms.

Mobile phones are fast becoming an integral part of the way we communicate and discover information. Your brand reach can be significantly increased by targeting your marketing strategy towards catering to a mobile audience.