On a daily basis, we receive product feedback from a range of sources. We receive ideas for new features as well as ideas to improve existing ones. Feedback is a great way to validate whether a feature is working well, so we love to hear from our customers. Keep it coming!

In today’s current market, social media is becoming a critical tool to get closer to your customers. Our job is to continue to provide the right type of features in our application to help businesses not only understand but action the social data they’re seeing in Local Measure.

As we continue to add new features in Local Measure, we’ll use our blog and emails to share these updates with you so you can get the most out of our tools.

Here’s a few new additions to the platform:

1. Weekly email digest

We understand our customers are busy with daily business operations so we wanted to provide them with a quick snapshot of the social conversations that  occurred in the last week. The digest includes a summary of how many social conversations occurred as well as some of the latest posts shared at your venue(s).

2. Liking Instagram posts

You might notice that we’ve updated the look & feel of our customer posts. In this design update we’ve added the ability to ‘like’ Instagram posts. We have been listening to our customers talk about how they’d love to be able to like an Instagram post. We’ll be adding the ability to like a Facebook post as a brand page shortly.

3. See all the interactions happening on a post

As all of the posts we display in Local Measure originate from 3rd party networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare) there are usually a lot of comments and interactions with each post. Up until now we haven’t been pulling these conversations into Local Measure… but that’s all changed…

On the detailed post view, you will now see all the interaction that has occurred on the customer post. You’ll be able to see what others are saying and more importantly be able to reply and engage with your fans.

For product feedback, please feel free to email our product manager directly on aylin@getlocalmeasure.com or support@getlocalmeasure.com