Due to the ubiquitous nature of Social Networking today, there are many goals and targets that Brands need to meet in order to really hit the mark in terms of being a ‘Social Brand’. No longer does the fact that your Brand has an online profile count towards actually being social. But luckily, there are a few key points that you can follow to move towards being a more Social Brand…

Set Up and Manage

To be a Social Brand, you need to create business profile pages on multiple social networks (check out our Twitter and Instagram setup guides for help) and be sure to link between them all on your Blog and/or Website. They are all different, so there is no reason why you can’t utilise a few. Jump on Twitter to engage with a network of users in real time, cultivate discussions on Facebook, get on Instagram to snap some photos and register your business on Foursquare to make sure people are checking into your location. If you are on all the networks, you will be visible to users when they want to interact with you!

Engage and Respond

Social Media doesn’t have an on/off switch, so really – neither should your Business. Thus, whatever or wherever you post content, it needs to be engaging. Ask questions, share exclusive product information, provide unique offers, upload photos, share something fun – as long as it’s relevant to you and your customers.
Active listening is also a really important part of having these dynamic networks at your fingertips – so replying in a timely fashion (within a few hours) is definitely key in being a Social Brand – no matter if you are responding to a complaint or question.

Keep Up-to-date

In the Digital World, there is nothing worse for a Brand’s Social image than to see mouldy (figuratively speaking) old posts sitting prominently at the top of your ‘most recent’ page. You want to be consistently building up an archive of informative posts, to maintain to your connections that you are in fact both dynamic and social. If you skip on the updates, you may end up providing your customers/consumers with outdated or even incorrect information. So get yourself setup with a basic content-posting plan and stick to it. Whether you want your Brand to be the ultimate Tweeter / Facebooker / Instagrammer  or Blogger resource – you should still pay attention to all of your networks and aim to update them weekly at the very least.

These few points can help you take the right steps in ensuring you are on the right path to becoming a Social Brand. Hopefully your Brand’s journey to becoming a Social Brand will become a win-win situation.