This blog instalment of ‘Social Media for Business’ is all about Pinterest. This is a quick, short guide to answer some common questions business owner’s may have and will help align your business profile with basic Pinterest user standards.

Why should I use Pinterest for my Business?

Pinterest has a huge following, having been dubbed the 3rd largest social network (after Facebook and Twitter) with 12 million unique users per month, which are primarily Women aged 25+. With a business Pinterest account, you could showcase your products/services with pictures and videos in any visual way you can think of. It is an especially great resource for recipes, fashion, home deco and DIY projects – perfect for Small Biz Owners.

Can you explain the concept to me?

On Pinterest, you will be introduced to Pins and Boards – a Pin is essentially an image or video that is uploaded, whereas a board is a set of pins that are organised/categorised on user profiles. You can create a board for any topic, and add as many pins to a board as you want.

Where do Pins come from?

Pins can be sourced on websites with the ‘Pin It’ button (which will link it back to the original source), or uploaded straight from your own computer. If you see something you like from another user, you can follow them (or their board) and also like, comment or re-pin the content. When you think about it, it’s really a streamlined window-shopping experience!

What do I at the start?

Start off by signing up and creating your business profile with some decent information in your ‘About Me’ section – and picking a relevant username. You can link (and verify) your website/blog to your account, which is a good way to filter traffic towards your biz. Then go ahead and start browsing for topics or users that may be similar to you/your business interests!

What should I Pin?

There are so many possibilities of things to pin – so get creative! You can upload both photos and videos, and keep it clear when you are uploading your own content (via captions, links etc). Here are a couple of ideas for some content you could share:

  • Showcase your products and/or services
  • Show off what you’ve got for sale (and link to purchase)
  • Show off your office and/or employees
  • Give sneak peeks of what you might be working on
  • Advertise special deals (sales, exclusives etc) for users
  • Data visualisation (infographics) relevant to your biz
  • Customer testimonials
Remember, Pinterest is a cross-platform (web and mobile) tool for people who are collecting and organizing the things they love. It is a place to discover new things and become inspired – so go ahead and tell your business’ story!