Location view

Our updated Location screen provides our customers with a holistic and comparison view of the social activity happening at all their locations. They can instantly see how each location is performing and where the issues may be depending on where there are spikes or troughs in social activity.

The location screen brings the following new additions:

  • Quick links direct to a locations’ customer, posts and insights stats
  • Filter by Location and time period
  • Ranks which provide a dynamic view of how each location compares to one another in terms of social activity
  • Quick search to filter results and get access to a specific location
  • Edit location name, address and connected social profiles


Participating in the world of social media as a business, brand or institution can be a time intensive and complex process to ensure you’re across all the social conversations that matter to your business. We like to view ourselves as the solution that filters the huge volume of geo social data presenting back what’s relevant to the businesses using our platform. To source the most important bits of information is our continual problem to solve so you can continue to do what you do best, which is run your business.

In previous blog posts we spoke about some key ways to build your online brand, keeping your community engaged and reasons why you should be online. 

In this release we pushed a new and exciting feature we call Insights! The main purpose of insights is to highlight key events and activity that occurred at your locations. We’re showing you aggregated and intelligent bits of information so you only have to react to it and don’t have to spend time analysing the data.

We’ve spent a bunch of time testing the design and notification types to ensure it’s clear and concise and speaking to our existing customers to learn more about their business challenges.

You can filter the insights by location or customer insights to help you navigate through the stats and get into as much detail as you like.

Below, I’ll go through each of the notifications to help you digest the information we’re delivering.

1. Full insights screen where you can scroll through the days to note activity over time.

2. Every week we’ll do a health check on your locations and highlight peaks or lows in customer social activity. You’ll be able to link real-world events, activities or campaigns with the online social response.

3. Our daily updates will help you keep on top of the numbers!

4. Easily select the most recent customer posts by hovering over the images in our Daily summary notification. Don’t forget to use the location filter to compare location activity.

5. We know how important engaging with your customers are, so now if you respond to a customer, you’ll be notified in feed when they’ve replied to your comment. This allows you to have meaningful conversations in real-time via our platform.

It’s only the beginning of our Insights feature, we’ll be growing the type of notifications over the months so your feedback is important to us and as always, greatly appreciated so don’t hesitate to get in touch!