We’ve had a busy few weeks building user management at Local Measure. We’re thrilled to announce that businesses can now allow team members to see a view of the feedback at all or some of their business locations.

Read on to find out what’s changed and how you can benefit from the changes:

User Management and Roles

We have introduced two new user roles to your account:

Manager: The Manager role will have the ability to add other team members to the account, manage settings and view all location data and insights. The original user of the platform will be automatically listed as the Manager.

Team Member: A team member will have access to a limited version of the platform. They might have access to a selected number of locations and be receiving daily or weekly email updates, depending on their personal settings. A team member is someone you want to be across the social conversations happening at one or multiple locations.As an example you might add a store manager to your account and send them a daily email of the activity at their store.

Adding a user is really easy. Enter the details of the person who you’d like to receive email updates select the locations, and then leave the rest to us. A Manager role can easily revoke team member access at anytime.

Weekly email

The new weekly email will provide all users of Local Measure with full or limited access to our location data. These insights include:

  • Total post count compared to the previous week including a moving average so you understand whether it’s been a chatty week
  • Customer return rate: percentage of customers that are new vs loyal customers
  • Top influencers who visited that week
  • Loyal customers who visited that week
  • Location leaderboard: store by store comparison indicating popular locations that week
  • Top buzzing post: the post at your location that has had the most engagement (comments and likes)

A big thank you to our customers who have been waiting patiently for this feature, we hope it’s been worth the wait. By default, we’ve switched this email on for all customers.

To enable these emails visit settings > user management > edit user profile > select weekly email (under reports)

Daily Digest 

Daily digest has had a face lift too and we now include a snapshot of all the social feedback at your location(s). If you have time, you can easily click through to Local Measure from the email to be able engage with the customer.

As always, if you have any suggestions or improvements to the user management or weekly emails, please let us know.