It's now understood that in order to drive exceptional customer experiences brands need to extend personalization beyond just recognizing customer names. Since customer data is part of a value exchange system that consumers are increasingly conscious of, it's becoming even more important to zero in on the contextual insights that allow you to create hyper-personalized experiences.

Location drop down filter

Now you can easily view stats and the conversations at a particular location on your account dashboard. Simply select the location you’d like to see in the drop down and the insights will update to show you data and metrics for that one location. By selecting ‘All locations’ in the drop down, you’ll still be able to see an aggregated view.

Updates to navigation

With the additions to our platform, we’ve updated the top and side navigation to make it easier for you to navigate around the application.

You’ll notice we’ve moved Social Accounts to the side navigation to ensure before using our platform, that you connect your business social accounts and can easily connect multiple accounts to respond to your community using different business profiles that you’ve connected on the one social network.

Daily email digest

After we introduced our weekly social digest last release, customers quickly told us that they not only wanted this report weekly, but daily.

The daily digest provides a quick view of the conversations that have happened that day at your business.

To update your email settings, visit Settings and select ‘Daily’ to ensure you don’t miss out on what your customers are saying about their experience at your business location.

Like Foursquare posts

You can now like Foursquare photo posts and checkins made by your customers.  By liking a Foursquare customer post in Local Measure this will automatically update the original post so the customer is notified and feels appreciated.

We also added additional like functionality to other social networks we’ve integrated. Check out Release 1.3 for more info.

iPad optimisation

Majority of our customers tend to open up Local measure on the iPad device and keep it opened all day next to their point of sale to see all the conversations happening in real-time.

So if customer Tom walks in, orders some lunch and as it arrives he snaps a photo on Instagram (who eats before taking a photo on IG these days?) and in a moment, you’ll see the post appear on your portable device and can interact with it in no time. You’ll be able to quickly identify if any of your customers are having a bad experience and can fix it before it becomes a bigger issue.

Local measure is now nicely optimised for the iPad device so you can keep it close with you throughout the day.

By Aylin Ahmet

For product feedback, please feel free to email me directly on or via our helpdesk

Local Measure’s real time feedback tool offers businesses the ability to send a custom auto-reply email when a customer has left positive feedback. Since service teams will typically prioritize responding to negative feedback, an auto-reply to positive feedback ensures that all responding customers are delivered a timely reply. Learn more about how you can save time with Pulse.