For Fairmont’s Guest Experience team, delivering the highest levels of service is a day-in, day-out requirement. The brand’s Royal Service Agents emphasize effective and engaging communication with guests so that they can pick up on guest needs and respond appropriately. With Local Measure’s real time feedback tool Pulse, the hotel not only learned a lot about their guests that they otherwise wouldn’t have known but achieved some incredible results, such as cutting down on negative reviews by 50%.

Dashboard v2

This release was a big one as we’ve transformed our Dashboard to another level by including more stats about the social chatter happening at your locations in addition to a more informative graph to help you understand what needs to be actioned.

The following additions have occurred in this update:

Interactive pie chart breaking down the volume of  posts & check-ins across all social networks so you can see what network is favoured by your customers.

Tip: Filter the chart by location and time to see what social networks are used mostly by your customers. Use the preferred network to communicate back with your customers – let them know when you have specials or offers at your business.

Bar graph representing the volume of social conversations by network. The graph filters to show you data on what your customers are saying within a time period, at a location. Switch from posts to checkins view to see the spikes in social chatter happening at your locations.

Tip: Keep an eye on spikes in posts or check-ins to see what time your customers mainly post about your business on social.

Social network cards provide detailed information about the activity on each of your business pages. To ensure you see stats, you will need to connect your accounts. Average activity/day helps you understand what the moving average is for customers posting at your locations. This number is important as it tells you how engaged your customers are with your businesses. The higher the score, the more frequently they talk about your business.

Top customer cards replaces the super customer panel.  At a glance you can see how many times your top customers are posting at your locations and how influential they are.

Email auto-forward

To ensure the appropriate team members and managers gain access to our daily or weekly digests, we’ve added a sub feature that allows you (as the admin) to add the email addresses of individuals you would like to also receive this email. This ensures venue managers can direct the social conversations

Email digest improvements

We’ve added links to each detailed post view so you can get to the source of the content quicker.

Local Measure’s real time feedback tool offers businesses the ability to send a custom auto-reply email when a customer has left positive feedback. Since service teams will typically prioritize responding to negative feedback, an auto-reply to positive feedback ensures that all responding customers are delivered a timely reply. Learn more about how you can save time with Pulse.