We know how much customers mean to our clients so we’ve added a feature to the side navigation called 'Customers' to provide greater insight about the type of customer visiting our clients’ locations. To get a holistic view of a customers activity at your location, you can now click ‘view posts’ to see all the posts by a customer. You’ll find out more about the likes and even dislikes of your most loyal customers.

This customer view is a constant work-in-progress. We have a bunch of new enhancements in the pipeline so stay tuned for some more interesting stats!

Post pop-up view

Currently you can see the posts and comments from customers who have been to any or all of your locations. To develop this feature, we’ve improved the navigation so you can find out more about your customers, with a simple click of a button.  Select the latest post button to view the larger view with additional stats.

Dashboard insights

To help navigate the main dashboard graph, we’ve added tags to help identify at the glance the number of conversations happening at your locations at any given time.