Customer influence

Last release, we pushed the big red button (‘to go live’) on our customer screen. Customer cards are a big leap into a social CRM, to help businesses understand more about the customers who talk about what they do! You’ll get an understanding of:

  • Your customers’ online influence (influence score)
  • Your customers’ commitment to your brand/business (loyalty score – coming up soon!)
  • Grand social reach (followers)
  • Interests and hobbies (Bio)
  • Engage with them by following, liking or replying to their posts.
  • See all the posts they’ve uploaded at all of your locations.

We’ve built our own scoring method, and have iterated over the method a dozen if not more times. The end value out of 100 factors a couple of key metrics including total # of visits and # of follower value, over time. The number is dynamic and will change as your business changes, to keep showing you the relevant and highly influential people we think you should know about.

Customer filters

We’ve added sorting options so you can easily see which customers have:

  • Recently visited your business location/s
  • Total number of visits at your location/s
  • Highest influence score
  • Follower count

We know our customers will be able to utilise at least one, if not all of the sorting options to better manage how they spend their day responding to the social conversations.

Responsive web design 

Without getting too technical, responsive web design (RWD) provides an optimal viewing experience so that no matter the device you’re on the side navigation will now resize and update to support the device you’re using to view our application. There’ll be much more responsiveness to come so stay tuned. Let us know what you think.

a) What you’ll see on an approximately 1278 px wide screen.

b) What you’ll see on an approximately 1167 px wide screen.

c) What you’ll see on an approximately 1118 px wide screen.

We love hearing back from our customers, so please let us know what you think about the updates.